What is the most Irish part of America?

An interesting map shows the areas in the United States that have the heaviest concentration of Irish-Americans.

5 Forgotten Irish Emigration songs

We all know The Boys of Bárr na Sráide, City of Chicago and the Christmas thumper Fairytale of New York but what about those gems of Irish emigration songs that are sometimes forgotten

Mary takes the mark Down Under

A harp played lightly as canapés were served gracefully. The welcome mat was out on the other side of the world for Mary McAleese.

Irish stereotypes raise their head again Down Under

A cartoon in the West Australian newspaper on the subject of Irish nurses coming to Australia has provoked a furious reaction from the Irish community here. The Irish People Living in Australia Facebook… Continue reading

A Voyage into Hell

Just over 200 years ago, nearly 200 Irish men and women experienced a voyage of sadism in their transportation to Britain’s new penal colony of Australia.

Give emigrants a vote

Emigration has been a staple part of the Irish diet for generations, yet for those Irish who have to digest it, no seat is given at the table.  In the past four years… Continue reading

The Generation that failed Ireland

The news the Bill O Herlihy lobbied on behalf of the cigarette companies (while he was ambassador of the Irish Cancer Society) was met with a whimper in Ireland.  Okey Doke Bill is… Continue reading

Newstalk to focus on Irish-Australian history

Ireland’s national independent talk radio station, Newstalk, will focus on Irish-Australian history in its autumn schedule.

Irish Emigration by the Numbers

Ireland’s generation emigration illustrated

Newstalk quizzes Diaspora minister on FoTC article

Newstalk quizzed the Diaspora Minister recently on engagement with Irish emigrants

Irish government is playing lip service to its emigrants

4 meetings across Australia were organised by the Irish government to consult with its diaspora. The average turnout? 30 people. With free will or not the Irish have been coming to Australia since… Continue reading

Why do the Irish not speak Irish?

For over ninety years the Irish language has been force fed to its citizens yet we never acquired a taste.