The Irish Cannibal

“Man’s flesh is delicious. It tastes far better than fish or pork” these were the words of Monaghan man Alexander Pearce just before he was hung in Tasmania in 1824. Pearce’s tale is… Continue reading

Give emigrants a voice

Emigration has been a staple part of the Irish diet for generations, yet for those Irish who have to digest it, no seat is given at the table.  In the past four years… Continue reading

Why do the Irish love a BIG TELLY?

Walk into any Irish home Down Under and you will be guaranteed to see one thing.

My name is Australia and I have an alcohol problem

Twenty three year old Irish man Thomas Keaney allegedly died from one punch four days after Christmas Day. As Ireland lost a son, Australia gained another gruesome statistic in its failing battle with… Continue reading

The Generation that failed Ireland

The news the Bill O Herlihy lobbied on behalf of the cigarette companies (while he was ambassador of the Irish Cancer Society) was met with a whimper in Ireland.  Okey Doke Bill is… Continue reading

Game of Thrones (Episode 2) – the Tuatha de Danann

In the previous episode a tribe by the name of Firblog (men of bags or leather wallets) had enjoyed an eighty year possession of Ireland but the new invaders, the Tuatha de Dananns, were to make their indelible mark on Irish history.

Tony’s time

The election of Australia’s new PM is good for the Irish, but a race to the right wing.

Dubliner David Greene – Killed on the First Rung

It was glimpse of her breast that would lead to his death.

Life on a 457 Visa is Easy

Life on a 457 visa is just so easy