Dubliner David Greene – Killed on the First Rung

It was glimpse of her breast that would lead to his death.

Twenty seven year old Dubliner David Greene had been working in a backpacking hostel in Melbourne for two years when he happened upon Shayla Pullen who was partially naked. It was humorous, the type of thing that happens when you live cheek by jowl in crummy hostels, you laugh it off, it becomes fodder for banter.

But Shayla’s boyfriend couldn’t smile at it, he would nurse anger at a man seeing the flesh of his girlfriend and unleash this rage on a drink sodden night.

The pathologist in court would testify that David Greene’s brain shifted inside his skull. ‘A crazy monster’ stamped and kicked his head over and over and over again is how Shayla would describe what happened David that night.

It’s odd when you catch the news of the murder of a compatriot. Your ears strain to catch the details. All the other murders that were spat out by the news that day, that week, that year, never cost you a thought. Insert the word Irish into the bulletin and you suspend your focus, rest it lightly on the information coming your way and then you imagine, then you judge.

You make judgements from his age. You judge from the location of the death. You imagine his family taking that call. You imagine you as him. You imagine his life here, his journey here, his death here. You imagine where exactly he came from using the information you snaffle upon. You judge.

When time allows you plug out from the incessant bullshit of life, and pause and think some more on David Greene.

You rip apart the sanitised word that is hostel. You substitute it for boarding house. You rub that out and insert shit box. The first rung.  The cheap dollar.

You mull upon the evidence. Mildew, peeling, loose change, loose talk, cigarettes, smoke, faces, faces, faces, alcohol, loud talk, grim showers, wet toilets, small talk, looks, stares, glares, faces, faces, faces. Broken glass, empty bottles, music blared, loud voices, large laughs, strange crashes.

It was glimpse of her breast that would lead to his death.

One thought on “Dubliner David Greene – Killed on the First Rung

  1. a Couple of moons ago in In London at that Aussie club in Earls Court, it was easy to insult the stupid aussies who did not like their girls dancing with Irish guys. “Pick up your ball and chain blue and eff off was an instant success to ward off the pests.. Now it seems that the same ball and chain need to be put on the tongues of these vile down unders.

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