Flight of the Cubs is an independent media production company.

We have passion for history and expertise in storytelling.

History should remain relevant and remembered, that’s what makes us tick.

 Located in Melbourne but with Irish roots, we produce documentaries, podcasts and digital content for media and brands.

Discover what makes us creative.


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  1. Just found your website via https://filmink.com.au/public-notice/irish-australian-documentary-premiere-sbs-st-patricks-day-weekend/ story about ‘The Rise of Irish Australia’ documentary to be aired on SBS Australia TV on 18th March, I’m trying to find a Trailer for the Doco or anything on YouTube or Vimeo? Do you have something I can share? So many stories in Australia from Irish Immigrants and their families passed down over many decades, but all lost as no one seems to care to record them, or acknowledge the connection, not ABC TV (as they are extreme Left and have aversion to the Irish), not SBS as they love to ignore the people from the founding nations of Australia (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales). Also issue is the lack of awareness of the common Australian of the links, it doesn’t help when the major St Patricks Day Parade are only acknowledging new FOBS in their committee and parade, not inclusive at all, and the could be making more money and get more participation if they acknowledge, educate and include ‘real Irish-Australians’, not the FOB backpackers! This needs to change urgently.
    Your FOTC could go a long way to start the discussion, especially in the country areas of NSW and Victoria, its more like 60per cent Irish descendants there.

    1. Hi Jason, thanks for that, do you have SBS? The documentary can still be seen on SBS on Demand, also check out michael1916.com – I agree it seems the Irish Australian identity seems to have been very lost.

  2. Came upon your blog while trying to understand the Australian inclination towards racism. Great articles. From Clara, KK myself. Living in Bunbury, WA.

    1. Thanks Nicky. Good to see a KK man over here, check out our recent documentary on SBS On Demand, The Rise of Irish Australia, you might find it of interest. More details at Michael1916.com

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