Irish Independent – Marriage vote gives us a new global identity -May 2015

Newstalk Radio – Depiction of Irish in Australian newspaper – August 2014

Irish Independent – We need a new message to connect with the Diaspora- August 2014

Irish Independent – Why is ok to be racist to the Irish Down Under – May 2014 

Irish Independent – Give Emigrants the Vote – December 2013

Irish Independent – The Rise of Tony Abbott – September 2013

RTE News – Australian Election report – September 2013

NPR – Berlin Stories-Templehof airport

2 thoughts on “Media

  1. Re: Eoin Hahessy in Irish Independent….. Irish Govts have always paid lip service to the diaspora….
    Really i suspect they are delighted to see another wave of talented people leave, as it cements their place at the top.
    The Irish Govts of all parties care not a jot for their own citizens…. much less those who have left the island.
    This is increasingly true of most western countries not just Ireland. A new society needs to be created from bottom up – not top down.
    Top down rule has been a disaster for the Catholic Church in Ireland, and it has failed the people of Ireland.
    When people realise their masters are merely serve themselves & re-take their communities then a new Ireland will be born….
    Keep sending the ideas back because it is the liberation of our mindset that Ireland needs most….

    Best Wishes for the great work you are doing

    Eire Abu

    Gerry “the Tour Guide” Kelly

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